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          Global Gateway

          Supporting the global mission of the University of Georgia

          Recent News

          New PLOS ONE Study
          A new study published in PLOS ONE provides an overview of the globally-networked environmental NGO sector. Dr. Gregory M. Thaler, assistant professor of international affairs, with lead author Dr. Stefan Partelow from the Leibniz Centre of Tropical Marine Research (ZMT) and co-author Dr. Klara J. Winkler (McGill University, Canada), collected and analyzed a dataset of 679 environmental NGOs from around the world with data on mission statements as well as human and financial resources.
          Russian and Portuguese Language Flagship Programs Renewed
          The University of Georgia is home to two Language Flagship programs: the Portuguese flagship program, established in 2011 and the Russian flagship program, established in 2018. Both UGA flagship programs were announced as among the applicants selected for renewal in the 2020-2024 Language Flagship cycle.
          UGA Researchers Discover a New Drug Target in the Plastid of Malaria Parasites
          Dr. Vasant Muralidharan and his colleagues at the University of Georgia’s Center for Tropical and Emerging Global Diseases have been seeking to unlock the many secrets this organelle holds for the survival of the parasite in hopes of discovering new drug targets.
          SPIA Professor Researches Gender Norms in International Courts
          Through interviews done at The Hague, Netherlands, Li and Gallagher found that the gender makeup of prosecution mattered, but not as much as the gendered workplace norms.
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